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Inside Escuela: Montessori Materials – Geography


Inside Escuela: Montessori Materials – Geography
Like many subjects, the study of geography begins in the Primary classrooms. Working with the Colored Globe and the Puzzle Maps in Early Childhood classrooms builds a foundation for later academic study. It also introduces children to the world they live in, helping them orient and adapt. Dr. Maria Montessori tells us:
“We must study the correlation between life and the environment. In nature, all is correlated. This is the purpose of nature. Nature is not just concerned with the conservation of individual life or with the betterment of itself. It is a harmony, a plan of construction. Everything fits into the plan: rocks, earth, water, plants, man, etc.”
Dr. Maria Montessori – The 1946 London lectures, page 98
Inside Escuela: Montessori Materials – Geography
As with other subjects, learning about geography begins with a global view. Children learn the continents’ names and then each continent’s countries. Later, they will explore pictures of different homes and animals from the continents and learn about customs and ways of life. They continue gathering new information and adding details to foundations they already know.

Beginning in the Primary and growing into the Elementary years, they will continue this quest by:

  • Making maps.
  • Studying waterways and capitals with the Pin Maps.
  • Learning about the inner workings of the Earth as they study volcanoes- to name a few activities.
Inside Escuela: Montessori Materials – Geography

Geography is a beautiful example of how the Montessori method of instruction allows children to build deep knowledge as they grow over many years, continuously expanding their understanding of the world.

Want to join in at home? Here are some videos of Ms. Gretchen and Emily singing some songs about the continents!