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Parent Group – Sol Mates
Parent Group – Sol Mates
Parent Group – Sol Mates

Parent Group – Sol Mates

Parent Group – Sol Mates

Who are the Sol Mates? YOU ARE!  When you picked Escuela, you didn’t just choose a school, you joined a community. Sol Mates is an inclusive parent and caregiver volunteer organization designed to support Escuela del Sol.

What We Do

Match new and transitioning families with mentor families

We know moving to a new school or transitioning to a new program can be daunting. We can match a new or transitioning family with a knowledgeable family to help them find resources, answer questions, and  get acquainted with the new community.

Hub for parent and caregiver volunteer opportunities

We have so many wonderful annual Escuela Del Sol community events where volunteers are an integral part of the events success. Some of these time honored events are Earth Day, Fall Fest and Winter Store for Healthcare for the Homeless.

Class Representatives serve as liaisons between teachers and families

Each classroom has a parent volunteer who helps coordinate other volunteers for school events and classroom needs.

Teacher Appreciation events

Twice a year, we let our teachers know how much we value their hard work by planning and hosting teacher appreciation events. Teacher Appreciations have included spa days, gift baskets, themed breakfast and lunch buffets, and notes of gratitude written by the students.

We want to hear YOUR ideas for Escuela. You can volunteer your ideas, time, expertise and experience. Let us know how you want to participate. Contact us at

2020-2021 Committee Guides

Gretchen Collins

Administration Counterpart
Elizabeth Marcilla

Communications Development
Carmela Chavez Liberman

Parent Group – Sol Mates

Sol Mates