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Elementary Egg Drop

by | May 23, 2022 | Campus Updates

What’s an “Egg Drop”?

Elementary and Jr. High students are invited to conceive of and build a contraption designed to keep a raw chicken egg from breaking when their contraption is dropped off the Harwood building. The Egg Drop has been an endofyear Escuela tradition for years and will take place on the last day of school, May 25th.

What are the rules?

Part of our tradition has been that every year Senior El students create a unique set of construction guidelines.

Elementary Egg DropThis year’s rules are as follows:
1. No Saran Wrap
2. Give your egg a name (write it on the outside of the contraption)
3. A parachute is optional
4. Use recycled materials
You may use only one (1) nonrecycled item.
5. Do *not* use material that will explode/spill everywhere on impact (confetti, cotton fluff, slime, etc.)


When do I bring it to school?

Bring Egg Drop contraption to school on either Tuesday, May 24or Wednesday, May 25. Contraptions must arrive no later than 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday.