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Teaching for Black Lives: Week of Action

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Campus Updates, Latest News

Teaching for Black Lives Study Group

A Week of Action

February 27 – March 3, 2023


Teaching for Black Lives: Week of ActionThis week the Teaching for Black Lives study group, which is made up of Escuela + Harwood Guides and staff, will host a week celebrating Black history and joy. Classrooms

at all levels are invited to participate in offered activities being held each day throughout the week. We also invite your family to participate at home! Links for activities and resources can be found below. Additionally, check out Harwood Art Center’s Instagram account for posts about Black artists living and working in New Mexico!

Monday: Black Lives Matter at School & Everywhere!
Book Drive! Purchase a book to donate to our school library as we work to replenish and acquire books that center joyfulness and the experience of being Black, and share a more thorough history of the United States.

You can purchase books here!

At School: In Circle students may learn about the “13 Principles of Black Lives Matter at School.”

At Home: Read the Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles or this one for younger children written by Laleña Garcia. How does your family embody these principles?  Which ones are particularly important to your family and community?

Art Studio Guide Christy Cook created this slideshow of Black artists. Check it out to learn more about their amazing artwork and help your Elementary or Jr. High student to choose an artist to celebrate for Thursday’s community art project!

Tuesday: Building a Thriving Community
At School:
 Students listen to Alabama Shakes lead singer Brittany Howard’s song “13th Century Metal” with their classroom or read the lyrics aloud in the classroom to brainstorm with their communities about what promises they wish to make looking ahead to the future.

At Home: Talk to your child/adolescent about Howard’s lyrics.
What vows might your family make to support building thriving communities? What are simple actions you might take together?

Brittany Howard is an iconic black queer blues-rock musician and multi-grammy award winner. She is best known for her band Alabama Shakes, and her vows featured in “13th Century Metal” are a model for a life lived in respect, balance, and reciprocity.

Wednesday: Teach-In Movie Day
At School: We will host a “teach in” movie day for Primary, Elementary, and Jr. High students celebrating Black History. Elementary and Jr. High students will be invited to view the documentary “We are the Dream” about the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s inspiring speeches. Older Primary children will be invited to watch a short film, “Garrett’s Gift” about (20 min.) Garrett Morgan, inventor of the traffic light, as told by Queen Latifah.

At Home:  If your child is allowed to watch television, consider the animated short, “Hair Love.
Here is an article for some additional context and/or this fun timeline!
Additionally, here is a list of documentaries for adults.

Thursday: Community Art
At School: Art Studio Guide Christy Cook and Harwood Building and Facilities Manager and artist, Chandler Wigton, will host a collaborative public art wheat paste collage. Elementary and Jr. High students are invited to bring in images of black heroes or images that celebrate Black joy to add to the collage.

At Home:  Do some family research about one of the artists from Christy’s slideshow. Host a family art making night!

Friday: Dance Party!
At School:  Dance party for students and staff in the plaza featuring great music by Black artists, MC’d by Ruby Rodriguez from Harwood Art Center.

At Home:  Close out the week with a family dance party!

If you have any questions, please contact the office.