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Lunch from Around the World: Murg Tikka Makhani

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Hot Lunch

Murg Tikka Makhani, or Butter Chicken, is a wonderful introduction to the world of curries for children. It’s mild, and uses garam masala spices and tomato in the base, all of which combine to make it “exotic” while keeping it accessible. Lunch from Around the World: Murg Tikka Makhani


While much Indian food has long-standing roots, Murg Tikka Makhani is a more recent addition to the cuisine. It’s first found in the 1950s in Delhi as a way to use leftover tandoori chicken in restaurants.


Our version will use shredded chicken, traditional spices, tomatoes, and cream to serve as a gateway to different curries from Southeast Asia and different parts of the Indian subcontinent. (Students with dairy intolerance will get a tomato-ier version of the sauce, and vegetarians will eat a veggie curry.)



-Chef Michael Chavez Liberman