Hard work is child’s play

Master Plan in Action: Capping Off Our Roofing and Solar Array Project

Part of Escuela del Sol’s and Harwood Art Center’s 2016 Master Plan included an outline for making the campus a more sustainable entity in our urban oasis in downtown Albuquerque, which included installing a solar array on the top of our historic Harwood building. After the damaging hail storms of 2019, it became clear that before the solar panels could be installed, a new roof was going to be needed (thank goodness for insurance!). After much planning and pandemic backlog, both projects were finally able to happen this summer!

As we prepare to finally switch over to utilizing our solar power, we want to thank National Roofing and Affordable Solar for their collaboration and hard work updating our beloved building. Take a look at the video below for a glimpse into the process of renovating the roof and installing the solar array.