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Tips to Help Kids Wear Masks

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Read Learn Grow

Wearing masks is now part of life’s routine. Anything you can do in advance to help your child learn to wear theirs throughout the day will ease the back-to-school transition process!

More on helping your kids wear masks:
“How do we expect kids — particularly those who still haven’t worn one, those who struggle with sensory issues, and those who are, frankly, too young to guarantee even a modicum of consistency — to not simply wear a mask in school all day, but to wear it correctly and safely?” A Montessori teacher explains that with guidance and practice, it’s very doable.

How Can Kids Possibly Wear a Mask All Day? This Montessori Teacher Explains.

Thank you Ms. Inga for sharing this wonderful graphic of tips to help our kids become more comfortable wearing masks.