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Support Goat Week

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Campus Updates, Latest News

Earth Day Fundraiser: Support The Goat Project

Support Goat Week

The foundation for all of our gardens, playgrounds, and trees begins in the soil. Soil is a complex and diverse system that requires thoughtful stewardship. In early May, we would like to have a small herd of goats visit the front of Harwood. The goat visit, in conjunction with spreading mulch, will begin a soil remediation project that will have deep reaching effects on our trees and grounds throughout the coming years.

WHY GOATS?Support Goat WeekGoats love to eat fibrous plant material and their powerful stomachs break down and eliminate weed seed and allergens, turning them into bio-available fertilizer, whereas blowers and trimmers just spread them around.

Goat’s hooves and grazing mimic that of buffalo, which were the original grazers of this area. Our arid soils and plant communities evolved over thousands of years in symbiosis with grazing hoofed creatures. They relied on herds to help mulch, penetrate the soil, decompose plant material, mitigate fire risk and create water retention and nutrition in the soil, helping the arid land stay fertile throughout the cold and dry seasons.

Ms. Robin, our Garden Guide, has organized with Cloven Hoof Goat Gardening, a local business, to have a small herd of goats visit the front of Harwood in early May for about a week. During this time, Tomlyn Foran, the goat herder, will hold mini workshops with the students and they will get to visit with new baby goats born in April. We hope to use this opportunity to help educate our students and the wider community about sustainable and indigenous land stewardship. We would appreciate your help in making this opportunity a reality. Please consider donating to support the goat visit.

Support Goat Week