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Parent Group – Sol Mates

Who are the Sol Mates? YOU ARE!  When you picked Escuela, you didn’t just choose a school, you joined a community. Sol Mates is an inclusive parent and caregiver volunteer organization designed to support teachers, classrooms, and families at Escuela del Sol.


Match new and transitioning families with mentor families

We know moving to a new school or transitioning to a new program can be daunting. We can match a new or transitioning family with a knowledgeable family to help them find resources, answer questions, and  get acquainted with the new community.

Class Representatives serve as liaisons between teachers and families

Each classroom has volunteers who coordinate teacher appreciation events, keep classroom parents informed about school events and classroom needs, serve as a two-way bridge between the classroom and Sol Mates, and serve as a contact for classroom support.

Teacher Appreciation events

Throughout the year, we let our teachers know how much we value their hard work by planning and hosting teacher appreciation events. Teacher Appreciations have included spa days, gift baskets, themed breakfast and lunch buffets, and notes of gratitude written by the students.

Harry Potter Day

Sol Mates volunteers transform Escuela into the magical wizarding world of Hogwarts for one day each May. This Sr. Elementary end-of-year event is planned by the students and brought to life by the House Elves of Sol Mates.

Classroom materials preparation and support

This is an ongoing volunteer opportunity to work with other Sol Mates; to make and prepare materials integral to classroom curriculum.

Healthcare for the Homeless

The partnership between Escuela and Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless (AHCH) was initiated in 2001 when students visiting the Wells Park Community Center observed a family living in their car.  They were moved by compassion and motivated to action with the goal that every child should be able to celebrate the holidays – thus the Winter Store was born. Every December, Senior Elementary students initiate a toy drive, then create a store inside AHCH where family clients shop for gifts for their children at no cost to them.  Engaging in service to others in their community has provided Elementary students with the opportunity to become active members in our city, with a lasting and positive impact. Community service, or volunteerism, enables students to acquire life skills, and knowledge, as well as provide a service to some who need it most.  The day of the event, students become personal shoppers for the AHCH clients, helping to select gifts, wrap presents, and entertain kids at craft stations while their parents are shopping.  

Camping Gear Swap

Gear for the Treks is expensive and children grow so fast!  Sol Mates helps organize a gear swap every year on Earth Day, which allows families to clear out their closets or pick up gently used gear for the upcoming treks.  We swap everything from clothes and hiking boots to sleeping bags and day packs.

Support for faculty professional development

Teachers want to learn, too!  We support faculty professional development for teachers attending conferences and Montessori classroom training by providing snacks and self-care kits for teachers traveling to training.

Community safety

Keeping children safe is TOP priority for parents and the Escuela administration. Sol Mates has been working on safety solutions for the highly traveled 7th and Granite intersection, and recent efforts saw the creation of a crosswalk and additional signage at the intersection.  We work with the Downtown Neighborhood Association to disseminate the safety needs of our school to the larger community.  We have raised concerns about parking lot and travel safety, which resulted in acquiring a set of Escuela booster seats that students can use for Going Outs and field trips, as well as the implementation of a parking lot safety guide system for drop off and pick up.

Engaging the community in Escuela’s vision for the future

We want to hear YOUR ideas for Escuela. You can volunteer your ideas, time, expertise and experience. Let us know how you want to participate. Contact us at

Meeting Schedule

*The meeting times for the remainder of this school year will be 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.


March 12

April 9

May 14

June 11

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Class Reps


Casey and Savanah Cole

Primary – Blue

Jessica Galewsky

Stephanie Limas

Primary – White

Shannon Ajayi

Elizabeth Forster

Primary – Yellow

Laura Erway

GuruAmrit Smith

Primary – Red

Jessie Lundquist

Janeth Nunez del Prado

Elementary – Jr. El East

Melanie Ludwig

Oshik Moaz-Metzl

Rachel Sanchez

Elementary – Jr. El West

Oshik Moaz-Metzl

Marlene Simmons

Elementary – Sr. El

Carmela Chavez Liberman    

Cheryl Hsia

Jr. High

Tricia Morton

2019-2020 Committee Guides


Gretchen Collins and Shannon Ajayi

Administration Counterpart

Elizabeth Marcilla

Volunteer Coordination

Jennifer Hansen

Class Rep Coordination

Jessie Lundquist

Communications Development

Carmela Chavez Liberman

Cheryl Hsia

Melanie Ludwig

Sol Mates