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Hot Lunch

Ordering Lunch

Online ordering closes at 11 p.m. the evening before, for the next day’s lunch. If you need to order lunch the day of, please contact us by 9 a.m. either via email, or by phone at (505) 242-3033, and we’ll let Mr. Ramon and Mr. Michael know. If you contact us after 9 a.m. the day of for lunch, we will feed your child something tasty and nutritious (it just might not be the menu item).

Conversely, if you need to cancel a lunch, please do so by 9 a.m. the day of to receive credit. Contact the school office via email, or call (505) 242-3033.

Mr. Michael and Mr. Ramon can accommodate any special diets, allergies, or food sensitivities. The online order form has a spot for special dietary needs. If it can’t be addressed there, please call the Cafe.

The Harwood Café takes great pride in providing top quality food to all the children in the Escuela community. Mr. Ramon and Mr. Michael strive to provide a positive meal experience every day, so that all students will be eager to eat, feel nourished, and ready to learn.

The Harwood Cafe

We’ve made some exciting changes to the lunch program at Escuela del Sol via the Harwood Café! Mr. Michael Chavez Liberman, who you might recognize as Owen, Dane, Benji and Wynn’s dad, and Mr. Ramón are working together to create a delicious, nutrious and sustainable menu of snacks and hot lunches for the coming year.

Our awesome team is working on menus that will keep old favorites as well as bringing in some new and exciting dishes. The lunch program will have an emphasis on fresh, sustainable food as well as locally grown produce. Albuquerque has a long farming tradition and we are excited to be part of it!
Mr. Michael and Mr. Ramón have also re-opened the Harwood Café for adults! Get a made-to-order breakfast burrito, a smoothie or a bakery item. There are also snacks, and come back for lunch or to get a take-home dinner!

Mr. Michael worked as the sous chef at the Prairie Star for three years; he is excited to be back in the kitchen. Mr. Ramón has been working in the Harwood Cafe since he took over the lunch program in 2017.

Meet Escuela’s Chefs – Ramón Chavez and Michael Chavez Liberman